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Love the logs, entry is very nice thank you. Hope I can sell some and we can do more business in the future.
Picture of Entry with AkerWoods Logs from Customer: Greg


Hi Alan, I wish to thank you for the ponderosa pine posts and railings you harvested for our old cottage in Pennsylvania. The project, after long last, is complete and we could not be more pleased with the new, fresh look of the porch. The quality of wood you selected, and, importantly, the uniform dimensions of the post and railings with little checking and, as promised, little evidence of cambium made all the difference. This, of course, was the look we sought, desired, and required in order to remain true to the architectural heritage of our old, bead-board cottage, circa 1900. As they say, devil is in the details and Aker Woods has a sharp eye and meticulous follow-through, making this Internet transaction seamless and with assurance of good result. Now, we get to sit back and allow the nice comments from friends and neighbors to trickle in.

October 14, 2012

Alan- I've been meaning to send you an email but keep forgetting. I received my logs on Monday and I'm very happy with the ones you selected. Erik was very easy to deal with and did a good job with the unloading. Thanks for everything you did and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Keep your eye out for some good, straight, winter-cut logs for my house. I'll be needing them early next spring. Thanks again.

Chad Collins

Thank you, Alan. The rails arrived yesterday, They are exactly what I wanted, and even exceeded my expectations.

Angi Shine

Heidi & Alan, logs you folks sent are perfect. We built a great arbor out of them for my niece's wedding. It looked great and was a big hit. Photo attached. Thanks again for all of your help. Also your idea about using an auger bit to insert the rebar into the four main posts was genius - it worked perfectly. Regards,

Picture of an Arbour with AkerWoods Posts from Customer: Jim Brubaker
Jim Brubaker

Hi Alan, The logs showed up just after dinner today. We got them unloaded and have a couple peeled already. They really are nice logs. You're right, they do peel nice. Really appreciate how quickly this all worked out. Thanks

Fred Lindeman

Hi Alan,
Just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the mantle looked great after installation. You did a really great job on it and if you need a referral let me know. If I need another one i will definitely come to you. Thanks again!

Ray Sumner
North Carolina
June 12, 2012

Received. Look great. Thank you. Any suggestions on how I can make sure I don’t hurt myself with some of the small stuff sticking out of the barks… is sanding my only option?

Sagar Kurada,

Alan, we received the wood columns shipment, thank you; they came out great. One question, what would you suggest as far as staining them? is it a good idea to do so & if so what kind/type of stain works best or do you suggest? Or would you suggest leaving them "as is"? We'll take final pictures once bar is completed & send you photos! thx so much,


Feel free to use this email and photos with potential customers. Having just complete my project I thought my experiences may be helpful to others considering adding the log siding. Attached are 3 photos.

First an overall comment. I am very pleased with the end result and the method I used on the corners. I have the rustic look of a real tradition log cabin and not that of a milled kit log house. Only an expert close up will realize it’s not a very traditionally built log house.

Looking at photo of a stack of your log siding and then when I received them I was put off. The log thickness varied from 2 inches to 5 inches and there was always a differenced from end to end on each piece. The pieces were about 1/3 10 ft, 1/3 12-14 ft and 1/3 up to 18 ft. I was hoping for more of the longer pieces and more consistent thickness. However what I found is that it was relatively easy to match up the ends between logs and with windows doors etc the lengths worked out just right. The longer pieces were in fact rather heavy but they worked well on some of the long trim area on the roof edge and railings and along the bottom.


The rough outside measurements came to 1500 sq ft. I did not make any deductions for doors and windows and this amount proved just about right to cover wastage. I got an extra 100 sq ft for trim work around my deck and wished I had got another 100 sq ft.

For my 1500 sq ft I needed 3000 screws totaling about $1300, 5 x 5 gallons pails of chinking ($900 +) and 13 gallons of boiled linseed oil ($300)

It took 3 of us 8 days to get the logs up and 2 people 2 days to do the chinking. With the high volume sprayer pumping straight form the 5 gallon cans we oiled the house in 5 hours most the the time being on covering up the windows and doors and cleaning up afterwards.

We had 2 drills ( 7 amp and 10 amp) and a 10 inch crosscut saw and a 10 inch table saw. 12 inch would have been better.

Logs. Each 250 pail of screws came with a nut driver. However you need to buy additional nut drivers as it is better if you change nut drivers ever 125 screws. They wear out fast. We were not able to drive the screws below the surface. Doing it again I would drill 1/2 inch in before driving the screws in so the head would be far less visible.


I used 8 inch high by 9 inch long by 4 inch thick blocks on each interlocking corner. I suggest you offer block 8 inch by 9 inch by 5 inch to your customers with 9 inch long siding a consistent 3 or 4 inch flat surface for customers wanting a full log look rather than a D log look. Mine looks fine form 20 feet away but for a really good realistic look I would do the following.

Place glue along the matching edges and screw the siding to the block. Then run a saw across the end through both pieces and down each edge. This would give the look of a solid piece of wood and hide the joint.


I got the Cox 32 oz tube gun and mounting plate to fill the gun direct from the 5 gallon pails (around $150). It is critical you spray WD 40 or similar oil on the rod and inside the barrel of the gun at least when beginning work each day. This dramatically eases the filling process.

Don’t put too much material on, about a 3/8 bead. Then spray liberally with water from a spray bottle and press the material in with you finger and then run your finger down the joint to smooth it out. Spray lots of water on it. Good idea to put masking take along the edges of doors and windows and remove immediately after spreading the material. It took us a day to figure things out but then things went much faster and we got much tidier results and used half as much material.

The screws will alert a person experienced with log houses that this is siding and not a true log but everyone else will definitely assume it is a true log house.

Had we done a better job countersinking the screws and attaching the block on the corners even an experienced person close up would be fooled by the result.

Hard work but well worth it. Prefinished milled siding would have been easier to put up and cheaper by over 30% but they always look like a siding and simply don’t compare to this thick heavy true log finish.

Hall's House Picture 1 Hall's House Picture 2 Hall's House Picture 3
Richard Hall
New Mexico

Very happy with the siding and the tongue and groove. Thanks

Robert Delk
South Dakota

Hey Alan, I got my logs today. Everything looks great. Thanks for getting them to me. I appreciate what you and Heidi did for me.

Russel Myers

Alan,I received the maple mantel and it looks great. Thanks for your help.

David Moore

Hi Alan, I received my latest order today. All is well, it's exactly what I asked for. Thanks and Regards,

Orange, CA.

Logs have arrived - they look great and will fit in with our logs for th repairs. Thanks!!


Hi Alan, I received the logs today. Just want to say thanks. They look great.

Mitch Trumpp

Dear Alan, The gorgeous wood arrived yesterday exactly as promised. It looks and smells heavenly, and I could not be more delighted. It was such a pleasure working with you. Thank you for everything. All the best,

Austin, TX

Hello Alan, I received the wood and it looks great. Thanks,

Laguna Niguel, CA

This is Jeannie. Late in 2008 I contacted you about making a mantle piece for us, and then stair treads for our floating staircase. You did the work and they were installed and look awesome! Unfortunately, my computer died, my camera died, and I was unable to send finished shots to you of how it all came out. Attached are pics of our gorgeous mantle, and the stair treads. My husband routered the treads perfectly, and we love the look. We get so many compliments on the mantle, and have given your number to several people. Thank you again for your contribution to beautifying our home. With love and blessings,

Jennie Wantagh,

I have ordered peeled logs from you recently for our fireplace and shelves, as well as a second order to build furniture and they all have been great. I am now looking at ...

Kevin VanCleve
January 6, 2010

Thank you, Yes, I will most likely order more by then. I do like the posts very much. I would love to order the 14 footers but we will see. Thanks again,

Vera Lewis

Hi Alan, Logs arrived yesterday. Look great tome, hope the homeowners feel the same. Thanks for your prompt service. Hope to do some more business in the future. Regards,

Joe Roberts
Yukon, OK

Hi Alan, Hope all is well with you. All is well on this end and we are well on our way with the cabin and have a couple of questions. Can you tell us how much we can expect the logs to shrink? We are discussing whether or not to put up the gable ends this year and put in windows or waituntil next because of shrinkage. It has become a wonderful family project and we can't wait for it tobe done! Thanks so much.

Picture of a Cabin Being Built with AkerWoods Logs from Customer: Linda Odell

Linda Odell
Washington state

Good Afternoon, Alan! Here is a pictorial diary of the deck planter project! Your cedar logs were whittled to fit into the heavy duty xmas tree stands, then the empty baskets were mounted on top by catching the wire bottoms with opposing wide headed screws. Then the baskets were filled with growing medium and plants. We stained the logs to match the new deck, and anchored all 3 together, and to the deck, with plastic ties. They're growing beautifully, and have withstood some pretty high winds. Thanks for sharing your photos; you've done some stunning work with your logs - especially when paired with stonework. Thank you for taking our 3-log order...Sincerely,

Picture of Deck Planter Project from Customer: Jean Lake

Jean Lake

Alan, I got the logs on Thursday. They look good to me; should do a fine job as posts for our pergola. Thanks,

Steve Culver
Meriden, KS

Just wanted to let you know we received the logs. They are very nice. Thanks!

Nora Simmons,

Our shipment came and they are so incredible! Everyone is really excited about them. Thanks so much for your help. Can you let me know what type of oil you would suggest we use and how often? We want to try and keep them from splitting for as long as we can.

Mary Helen Butler
Director of Education
Botanic Garden

Arrived today!! Perfect fit!! I love it! I know it sounds like such a silly thing to be excited over but it completes our sign. i will send a pic when we get the sign up. Thank you so much.


Alan, I was finally up in Steamboat. The logs are perfect!!! Thanks again for adding such a special touch to our project. Andy has done an incredible job of coordinating the install of them---I will definitely send some pictures of them when they are all done. Thanks again,


Alan, Our delivery of logs came this morning. The driver had called us the night before and we made arrangements to meet in the early A M and I showed her the way to our property. I want you to know that the logs meet and exceed our expectations. I am very pleased. I had a local boat dealer with a large fork lift come over and he had no trouble lifting them off and putting them on the bunkers I had arranged. Again, I am more than pleased and want to thank you and your staff for a job well done.

Chris Walls

The logs have arrived - I think all of them now--they came in several shipments over a few days. They look terrific and the ones with extra character are just delightsome. Thank You. Can you remind me what species these are? I'll send you pictures of the final project.....

Mark Petersen

Alan, Click on the link below to see some pictures of our barn finished with your log products --- it turned out just the way we wanted it to -- you did a great job.

Kory Pace in Nebraska

Alan, We received the final segment of rail today. Nice crate job! The crate was heavier than the rail. I was glad you enjoyed the pictures. I will send more.... You have my permission to use the photos. Thanks for your help and cooperation. It was greatly appreciated. We've been getting a lot of oohs and aahs from friends that have seen our rail. It has really made our house special. Thanks again,


Hello, Mr. Aker! We received the log we ordered yesterday. I was surprised to see it sitting on our front porch when I got home. It is beautiful and will look awesome in our new kitchen.

Brigitte and Chris Cavanaugh,
New Jersey

Thanks, the boards came on Saturday, I HAVE INSTALLED THEM. THEY WORKED PERFECTLY!!!!! thanks again.

John Teague,

Mr. Aker, Thank you again for sending me the blue pine. I thought I would send you a picture of what my project looked like when it was finished.

Picture of Wooden Art made from Blued Ponderosa Pine by Fred Des Camps

Fred Des Camps

Alan, I just wanted to take the time to say... ThankYou... for providing me with the most wonderful pieces of wood that I could have ever found. I am sending a picture of the very first Black Hills hand carved Fireplace Mantel...no..it is not finished yet.....but it was far enough along that I felt I could share the progress with you. I hope you enjoy it. I have to carve one more trout...do a lot of sanding....some shellac...and on to the next one...I am coming back out there in June and will be setting up another order soon. BTW.....Deb was such a wonderful person....and so helpful....I look forward to seeing her again.

Kirby Linjer's Carved Trout Wooden Fireplace Mantel
Zoomed Kirby Linjer's Carved Trout Wooden Fireplace Mantel

Kirby Linjer

Alan, I finally got it figured out how to send you photos of my house I built using your materials. I will take some additional photos showing the interior stairs & a corner detail. As well as some showing the hand railing. I was pleased with everything but the delivery & I know that was not in your control. Feel free to post these on your web site and use me for a reference if you'd like.

Buddy's House Picture 1 Buddy's House Picture 2

Buddy Rogers

Alan, Just want to say thanks for your logs, I managed to get my 24'-0 ers stood in the middle of my home last weekend, you can't imagine all the looks from people passing by, they are superb with lots of character. I'll send you some pictures as I get them developed. Thanks again.

Jim Marshek and family

Thanks to you Alan for supplying the bur oak mantle. Your website is very user friendly. It was also nice to know that if we contacted you through email, a quick response was received. Hope that we might do another project together. The wood makes the fireplace!

Val Heusser

They (Eastern Redcedar logs) worked fine. We were really pleased with the amount of heartwood, as well as the sizes. Thanks again for your help.

Al Hester
South Carolina Parks Department

Good Morning Alan,
I have a picture along with a comment for your website if you feel like putting it on there.
Thank you for the beautiful hand peeled ponderosa pine logs. They are perfect for the type of furniture I build. I am pleased with the service and happy to know when I email you, you write back right away. Also, what a major improvement on your website!

Shawn Beck

I would like the 10" tip logs again please. They seem to be working out pretty good. I would also like to have your guys peel them this time. They did a real nice job on them last time. My customer wants them peeled completely with no cambium left on them, just like the last set you sent me. Thanks again for the nice straight, beautiful logs.

Little Alaska Cabin Company, Minnesota

Alan, Thanks for suggesting the log wizard. It's made peeling a lot easier. Thanks again for your help. When we're done with the house, we'll send you a picture and maybe you can put it on your website. Take care,


Alan, I'm well pleased with the cedar you sent. Not too good with words but my comment would be that it has a very nice color and everyone that has seen it loved it and wanted to know where I got it.

Webster, Pennsylvania

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